The Problem

It costs approx £30K per annum to operate and maintain the Hilltop facilities.

50% of these costs are paid by the clubs directly and indirectly in the form of rent.

The other 50% has been generated by renting the office space on the 1st floor of the Sledmere House.

When the NHS sold the Hilltop facilities to CYPSF they almost immediately rented back some of the space on the 1st floor of Sledmere House, converting it into offices. Gradually the NHS increased the amount of space they rented until in 2004 they rented and converted the whole of the 1st floor. Two rolling 5 year leases were signed with the NHS but toward the middle of 2014 the NHS gave the trustees notice they were terminating the lease at the end of the March 2015.

The NHS staff actually vacated the offices in April 2014 and since then the offices have been completely redecorated but no new tenant has been found.
Since the beginning of the 2015 CYPSF has been operating by minimising expenditure and consuming its reserve funds to balance income and expenditure. It is estimated these reserve funds will be exhausted towards the end of March 2016. If another revenue stream cannot be secured before then it will be necessary to close down the facility. This will be a tremendous loss to the local community.


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