Westella & Willerby AFC

Westella & Willerby AFC were founded as far back as 1920, although further recent reports suggest that there may have been a team playing under the banner as far back as 1910-11. Over many years the club were long term members of the East Riding County League (ERCL), with the 60’s being a particularly successful period with a number league championship and cup successes. After a lean period in the 70’s the early 1980’s saw an influx of new young blood within the club, primarily from Wolfreton Secondary School. A number of those people who came into the club at that time are still actively involved primarily in an off the field capacity, such as current Club Chairman Jez Alcock, Club secretary Rob Lester, and Director of Football Ian Gray.

Westella have 19 Teams from U7s to Westella VIP in NCEL Division One including Girls and ladies teams.

Over 250 young people play football from the Hilltop facilitywith around 150 games played in a season

Hilltop also hosts Humber Centre FC a team from the adjacent mental health unit who play bi weekly football matches.

The team are part of an inclusion league which was set up from inception a couple of years ago from the Hilltop facility and has since expanded city wise with 8 teams participating. The objective is to engage players with mental health problems and learning difficulties to play football. The patients and service users play alongside and help create a bond that may not have previously existed or have been severely strained. This has resultant in the ERCFA and local Humber Centre unit receiving national recognition and awards for their work.

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